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Upcoming Webinar : Reshaping Cybersecurity with Deep Learning

Traditional Cybersecurity

For nearly two decades, endpoint solutions mainly relied on signatures to detect malicious files, but they are incapable of detecting the millions of new malicious files that are continuously created. 

Many of these solutions rely on machine learning to increase their detection rates.  However, Machine Learning rely on feature extractions which often resulted in high false-positive and low detection rates.

Applying Deep Learning to Cybersecurity

Deep Learning is reshaping the cybersecurity industry. It is an advanced form of AI with the predictive ability to prevent, detect and respond to any threat including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Zero-Day and Ransomware. Today, Deep Learning is changing the way CIOs look at cybersecurity  and how organizations see their system’s protection.

Register today!

Join us for this webinar and you will experience how Deep Learning combat modern cybersecurity threats. The session will be held via webex on Friday 3rd May 2019  @ 11.00 am - 12.00 pm AEST


  • Deep Learning vs Machine Learning – Revolutionizing cybersecurity
  • Preventing what others can’t find : What  sets us apart
  • Q&A


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