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Introducing Deep Instinct

Redefining Cybersecurity

IT Junction is pleased to partner with and introduce Deep Instinct to bring the first and only cybersecurity solution that is based on a proprietary deep learning framework that was specifically designed for cybersecurity. 

Deep Instinct's solution provides end-point and mobile prevention and detection-and-response, against any file-based or file-less attack, for every operating system, on any device, in one unified platform, delivering unmatched accuracy and efficacy. 

The unique deep learning algorithms and modeling methods that we have developed ensure immediate response with only a millisecond for prevention and detection. 

The result is unparalleled cybersecurity prowess in blocking and preventing even the most evasive unknown, first-seen malware, including persistent threats (APT), zero-day attacks, and ransomware. 

Deep Instinct is revolutionizing how cyber threats are prevented and detected, with game-changing deep learning technology. 

  • Light-years ahead of the curve: The first and only cybersecurity solution that is based on a proprietary deep learning framework. 
  • Any threat. Anywhere. Anytime: The Only omni-cybersecurity platform with the predictive ability to prevent, detect and respond to any threat – known and unknown – protecting any device type (endpoint and mobile), with any OS, against any file-based or file-less attack in online of offline mode. 
  • No Tradeoffs: Highest Detection rates, lowest false positive rates. 
  • High-caliber team of deep learning scientists and cybersecurity experts. 
  • Deep learning, deeper understanding: autonomous analysis and classification of unknown threats with unique deep learning malware classification without any human involvement. 


Hot OFF the Press ! SE Labs Results !

Tested and proved by SE Labs: Deep Instinct prevents most complex file-based and fileless attacks!

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There is only one approach that has the power to bring on a real revolution in predicting unknowns, and preventing and detecting–and—responding to threats, with unprecedented speed and accuracy: DEEP LEARNING. 

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