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We provide a platform to introduce customers with upcoming technologies that will change the way we do things today and for Customers who intends to embark on this journey...

IT Junction is the First Value Added Partner in Australia of Deep Instinct to introduce Cybersecurity solution that has been built on Deep Learning based technology which is Redefining the Cybersecurity Landscape...

Deep Learning Threat Prevention Endpoint Protection

Next Gen Endpoint Security Solution !

 Introducing Deep Instinct™Prevent What Others Can’t Find..  

  • Real-time APT Detection and Prevention
  • Accurate Prediction of Unknown Cyber Threats
  • Infrastructure Agnostic
  • Autonomous Defense
  • Easy Deployment

Cognitive Consulting

IT Junction provides Cognitive Consulting. We help in building strategies and roadmaps for our clients to embark on a Cognitive journey. Our workshops range from a 2 hour free session to 4 day Design Thinking workshops.

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